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ming the anger against the United States, as violent protests were raging on in the South Asian nation, Nuland said on Thursday at a press briefing. Both President Barack Obama and


ident will play a positive role in promoting Haiti's democratic process and national reconstruction. "Both the presidential candidates have sworn to change Haiti's current situati.


Venezuelans from a "severe economic and social crisis." "The most serious thing a politician would have done is to request an investigation," Rodriguez said. Venezuelan authorities .


zhen, where we have entered the market very well," said Rodriguez Reta, who feels Argentina is at a disadvantage compared with countries that have free-trade agreements with China.


but did not specify how long he expected to stay. The 56-year-old leader spent most of June in Cuba, having a pelvic abscess removed on June 10 and an unspecified cancerous tumor .

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er. We can't take a single step backwards. We have the immense trust of the people to definitely change the fatherland. May God reward you, the victory is from each and every one.

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a Estado) RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) -- The presidential candidate of Brazil's ruling Workers' Party, Dilma Rousseff, has a 10 percentage-point lead over major rival Jose .

superior winds, as well as the great difference in direction and speed among the winds at different levels. According to historical records, the concluding season registered the .

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