ation is providing the Congress with a letter and a 30-page report in the afternoon on the Libyan mission. Full story U.S. House Speaker pressures Obama on Libya WASHINGTON, June 1.

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was "very important" and was a direct damage against the FARC's finances. BOGOTA, June 24 (Xinhua) -- Colombia's National Police Monday announced that a transnational drug traffi.

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nited States will continue our close cooperation with our international partners and the UN Support Mission in Libya to help advance a stable, democratic transition," Obama added.

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aitian students and faculty. OTTAWA, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- Canada has taken action to enhance aviation safety by limiting high-speed departures for aircraft to a maximum of 250 knot.

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damaged four. In the ensuing six months, the Flying Tigers fought more than 100 combats, shooting down 272 enemy aircraft and destroying another 225 on the ground, which earned th.

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S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger also said in the preface of his memoir, "Ending the Vietnam War", that it was a "black hole of American historical memory." Could Americans' j .

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ential election on Sunday, but failed to gather 50 percent of the votes needed to win an outright first-round victory.? full story Backgrounder: Key facts about Chilean general el.

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al airport of Guatemala City will remain closed for some days because the rains have forced the suspension of the cleaning works. He added that in Guatemala Valley there were regi.

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in Washington in early September, have been stalled over Jewish settlement building in the West Bank. Special Report: Palestine-Israel Conflicts HAVANA, June 10 (Xinhua) -- Botswa.

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