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hat saw an increase in families giving up their pets after the oil spill. "A lot of families at Gulf Coast were downsizing and the livelihood had been ruined. The uncertainty had

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ople have been transported to area hospitals, the fire department said. The fire department said nine people have been taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, one in critical condition.

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o strengthen bilateral relations in economy, trade, tourism, investment, scientific exchange, culture, sports, among others. He thanked Colombia for its "traditional support" at t

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are workers who claim safety protocols for Ebola treatment are insufficient and outdated. The two infected nurses were believed wearing protective suits that did not cover their n

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The three governments have to present a report in six months about the use of the resources and the obtained results. Guatemala was the worst hit country, where at least 158 people

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ring the first two months of a national disarmament campaign, Justice Ministry said. To encourage civilian cooperation, an equivalent of 65 U.S. dollars to 190 dollars was paid for

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inistry, Hilton also took on some topics of the goal and preparations of the Olympics, and Brazilian football. With just over a year to go until the Rio Olympics, a recent survey c