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on small-business investment. He also has proposed tax incentives for all businesses to invest in new plants and equipment. The unemployment rate, currently at 10 percent, remains


nday. The procedure would begin Tuesday and likely run into Wednesday, said Wells. In the "static kill," mud would be poured down into the well, possibly followed by cement. The dat.


n a statement, they accused the United States, some European countries and the United Nations of abetting and supporting Israel to attack "one of the smallest but most highly popu.


further for activity among nonfinancial service sectors. Manufacturing activity continued to expand in most districts, although the pace of growth has slowed for selected subsect.


ly reached plans and projects will be valid in full force. Under the agreement, the two sides will respect each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity, strengthen bilateral .

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nce, like law enforcement, or a segment of the private sector, like shopping malls or hotels, said the secretary. The alert may also be issued more broadly to the public, distribu.

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liticians, celebrities, athletes, students and workers braved rains in Rio, Brazil's largest oil producing state, to urge President Dilma Rousseff to veto the bill, which they con.

rnments, did not threaten national security. Fadden told the committee that it's "good public policy" for Canadians to be more informed about "foreign interference" threats. When as.

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