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ust demonstrate a commitment to reducing long-term deficits, but not at the price of short-term growth," they wrote. "Without growth now, deficits will rise further and undermine


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rd the van with the drugs were detained, FELCN Director Gen. Mario Centellas said. The intelligence personnel detained a third suspect who tried to bribe the police in Huatajata, h.

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said he was taken into custody and could face third-degree felony deadly conduct charges. An investigation was underway to determine the motive behind the shooting, Mange said. Cur.

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ate, said 30 people were still treated for injuries, most of whom suffered gunshot wounds. (Xinhua/Juan Carlos Hernandez) CARACAS, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- The death toll of a prison r.

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could express it without being persecuted or killed." Zelaya also asked to be a member of the Central American Parliament. The former Honduran president, who was ousted in June 200.

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th within the framework of the G-8 and the G-20." Obama expressed his concern about "too many imbalances in the world economy," saying they are inhibiting the prospects of growth..

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INGTON, June 1 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday spoke to Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on phone regarding Israel's deadly raid on an aid flotilla which .

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ry to cut down more cost, instead of packaging on whole bunch of stuff which is going to cost more." Zemar stated: "Basically the Obama administration overhauled the whole healthca.

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sed in the United States to perform helicopter aerobatics. Show guests were also treated with an exclusive look as the Horsemen pilots took to the skies in F-86 Sabres debuting in.

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rnandez to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, in which she informed him of her government's decision to recognize Palestine as "a free and independent state" within the 1967 border.

clement日本一 -丁香五月天婷婷缴情线

ugo Chavez urged on Feb. 9 to speed up investment and construction of an electricity emergency campaign to prevent an electricity supply collapse in mid-April. The president has a.


lso the logistics and financing that supports drug smuggling. It had arrested a total of 125,117 people in meeting that goal, announced days after he took office in 2006. "We have

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es is no longer apparent. The results of the presidential elections were more to do with national economic and social development than ideology. Guatemalan left-wing party National

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os at an appointment ceremony in the Presidential Palace. Santos said Esguerra will begin working immediately as justice minister with full support of the government and the high .

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he U.S. collected billions of telephone and e-mail conversations in the Latin American country. Any violation is a civil, criminal and administrative offense as "the privacy of per.

clement日本一 -丁香五月天婷婷缴情线

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Lt Gaddafi troops, the spokesman of French general staff Thierry Burckhard told local media, hours after the Paris summit agreed on military intervention on Saturday. Full story No.

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in training, equipment and other aid to help combat Mexico's drug cartels. He also said that recently leaked cables from U.S. diplomats have hurt and distorted the relationship be.

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the country. They are Occupy Wall Street protestors, who have sounded the alarm to U.S. policymakers over severe inequality in the country. "All they are doing is expressing themse.

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s government. Among the officials are Defense Minister Abu Bakr Yunis Jabir, Secretary General of the People's Committee for Public Works Matuq Mohammad Matuq, Director of Libya's

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hern region of Coquimbo to Los Lagos in the south. Chilean radio said that a bridge had collapsed in Rancagua, and that mobile and fixed phone lines in Valparaiso had been cut off

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ity, and we (the U.S.) are not helping with that," she said. She stated her expectation that "some other entity will come in or Iraq itself will take steps in working with a peace

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